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Get Involved

Your education extends beyond the classroom. Create community and pursue passions through student involvement. You’ll find plenty of ways to make meaningful connections, develop personally and professionally and explore passions that make an impact.

Focused on Your Personal and Professional Growth

At 鶹AV, we care about helping you explore your interests, grow professionally and connect to community. On our campus, there are dozens of ways to connect and grow. Many students find that getting involved on campus makes their college years more rewarding. On-campus extracurricular activities can help build your resume, but they can also help expand your friend group, bolster your self-confidence and give you early leadership opportunities.  

Getting involved with clubs or community service organizations also gives you a chance to discover new interests. Meeting with other passionate people can help ignite your own passion about a profession, sport or activity—creating a life-long interest that will last long after your college years are done. 

You can also enrich your college years by finding student employment, which allows you to earn a paycheck while networking with others in the 鶹AV community. Student employment also helps you build on-the-job skills that you can carry with you into the classroom and professional career. 

No matter your interests, 鶹AV has a place for you. Explore how you can get involved in the community, join clubs, find a job, grow as a leader and embrace campus traditions.  

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Make an Impact in the Wider Community

We’re dedicated to engaging in our local community to make Seattle a better place for all to live. You’ll grow personally and professionally while learning from community members. Engage in important issues and help create a world where everyone can thrive. 

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Discover 鶹AV Clubs

With more than 150 active student-run clubs, you’ll find just the group to help you develop leadership skills, make new friends and work on making the world a better place—together. 

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Grow as a Leader

We believe that everyone can make a difference in the lives of others. Find how you can develop your personal ethics, leadership style and sense of purpose. 

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Explore Campus Traditions

Did you know that there’s a tradition that new students ring the chapel bell at orientation? Take a look at some of the other traditions, annual events and activities that bring 鶹AV students together. 

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Find a Student Job

You can network with future colleagueswhile strengthening your resumeworking one of the 1,500 jobs on the 鶹AV campus. Each job offers experience that you can take with you after your academic career is done. Many of our students have gotten jobs after graduation using the skills they learned working for 鶹AV. 

Involvement Fair

鶹AV’s annual Involvement Fair is a campus-wide tradition that brings together student leadership from more than 100 clubs, campus departments, local businesses and organizations so you can explore and find ways to get involved on campus.  

Why This Event Is Important: Students who become involved on campus have a better sense of belonging within their college experience. Becoming connected to the 鶹AV campus offers a sense of home while being away from home. Your involvement is a significant and meaningful part of student success at 鶹AV. The Involvement Fair offers all Redhawks many ways to enrich and expand their college experience! 

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Get Involved

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Get involved through more than 180 student clubs, organizations & communities.

Hear From Our Students

Angelina Spitzauer

Angelina Spitzauer, Class of 2024

"The Center of Student Involvement is my home away from home. Before I got involved, I felt like I hadn't found my place at 鶹AV. I would go from class to home and wasn't getting the college experience I had always dreamed of. But then once I joined RedZone, I made friends and memories that I'll have for the rest of my life. I have become a better version of myself after joining this incredible community and feel like I truly resemble what it is to be a Redhawk."

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We’re here to help. For information about student involvement at 鶹AV, contact:

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