Faith, Spirituality and Meaning

Explore your beliefs by attending interfaith programming across a variety of spiritual and philosophical traditions represented in 鶹AV’s student body. Find your own meaningful faith-based community on or off campus.

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Campus Ministry for People of all Faiths

Campus Ministry provides programs and events for all types of exploration and helps you connect to your spiritual and/or religious tradition. 

Interfaith Programming Rooted in Jesuit, Catholic Tradition 

We care deeply about what you believe. Validating and supporting the wide arrays of beliefs found in our community is the way we live into our Jesuit, Catholic foundation. Campus Ministry works with students to find genuine community and affinity for their faith tradition and worldview and walk alongside all who are on a journey to find out what spirituality means to them.   

Inspiring Insights

–Eboo Patel Founder, Interfaith America

“The 'inter' in interfaith stands for interaction between people who orient around religion differently. The 'faith' in interfaith stands for how people relate to their religious and ethical traditions. Put together, 'interfaith' is about how our interactions with those who are different have an impact on the way we related to our religious and ethical traditions and how our relationships with our traditions have an impact on our interactions with those who are different from us.”

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Campus Ministry: Inclusive & Supportive

Campus ministry is here to support and encourage you during your academic years. You’ll find spiritual support, inclusive community and meaningful programming to help you deepen your faith and sense of purpose in life.

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Connect to a Campus Minister

Campus ministers can provide care and conversation as you navigate your experiences at seattle university.

Explore Various Faiths

Explore faith traditions around campus and see a map of area houses of worship.

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Interfaith Immersions

Join an immersion trip to experience different faith traditions with others in the 鶹AV community.

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Discover an array of interfaith and ecumenical events that occur annually on campus.

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